5 Natural Foods That Prevent And Gradually Cure Diabetes

2. Bitter Melon (Ampalaya)

Also known as bitter gourd, bitter squash and balsam-spear is widely grown in Asia and is very popular for its anti-diabetic properties. It has at least three active substances which can be used to aid against diabetes including charantin, which is confirmed to have blood glucose lowering effect, vicine and polypeptide-p, an insulin-like compound. The bitter melon is believed to help cells use glucose more effectively and block sugar absorption in the intestines.

3. Garlic

Also known as allium. It is widely believed found that moderate amounts of garlic supplements could give benefits to diabetes patients. Cooked garlic, aged or raw garlic extract can help regulate blood glucose and potentially stop or lower the effects of some diabetes complications. Garlic can also fight infections, reduce LDL cholesterol and aid blood flow.

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