20 Foods You Have to Avoid If You Have Diabetes

As anyone with diabetes will tell you, a large part of keeping one’s diabetes under control is to watch what one eats on a daily basis. We’re sure we don’t need to tell you to avoid any foods which are high in sugar.

But it’s a bit deeper than this simple piece of advice. For example, there could be some seemingly ‘healthy’ foods which hide much more fats and sugar than they lead on. After all, it’s the sugar you should avoid as fats and carbs also play a part in heightening your blood glucose levels.

But instead of getting into details and statistics, here is a simple list of 20 foods you should avoid if you have diabetes.

1. Dried Fruits

Even though at first glance one thinks nothing can be wrong with this ‘snack’, and indeed they are rather high in fiber and nutrients, but dried fruits are not good news for type II diabetes.

The reason is that, since the fruit needs to go through a dehydration process, its natural sugar (fructose) content becomes highly concentrated. Don’t get us wrong, it certainly is a healthier alternative than, say, cookies, but your blood sugar will still rise from it.

So why not play it safe and opt for fresh fruit instead? Grapefruit or strawberries are always a good choice.

2. White Flour, Rice, and Bread

Even though if you’re diabetic you already know far too well to steer clear of sugar, most of you pay no mind to how much carbs you consume.

And that’s a fatal mistake indeed. For example, low-quality carbohydrates such as rice, or those made with white flour like pasta or bread, have a very similar effect to sugar once the whole digestive process starts.

In other words, you can bet they interfere with your glucose levels. However, that does not mean you should give up on carbs. Simply to a healthier variety. For instance, whole grains such as barley or oatmeal will aid you in keeping the bad carbs’ influence at bay.

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